2D Challenge

Challenge Background

As 2D materials like graphene become commercially available at reasonable prices and in a wide variety of formats, their scale and quantum benefits present disruptive advantages to traditional product streams and enable new applications in their own right. However, integrating them can be tricky, taxing and time consuming for all but the largest conglomerates, national labs, and wealthy universities.

As a nanofabrication company specializing in 2D materials, Kennedy Labs has broad experience in a myriad of industrial applications and verticals, and an interest in helping customers get 2D materials like graphene into their  products.  In order to stimulate ideas and promote adoption of our materials and nanofabrication capabilities, we invite companies, researchers and inventors to participate in Kennedy Lab's "Graphene and 2D Challenge".

To join the Challenge, simply fill out the following form and send it to us at challenge@kennedylabs.tech.  We will review each submission carefully. By joining our Challenge, you will be eligible for product discounts, direct factory support and/or custom development. Some early Challenge participants have received free custom material development, free custom growth, SEM and Raman characterization time, and cash investment to match federal and local R&D program support. 

Participants are urged to keep submissions focused, and submit a drawing if possible.

Please download and complete the form.